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I'm Rosie, lovely to meet you!

Copywriter, adventurer, mom

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About Me

How can I add value for you?

Strategically and creatively encouraging verbal and emotional communication is at the heart of a speech therapist. I enjoy flexing my creative muscles so that your customers are emotionally invested in the copy they read, keeping them coming back for more.

Many years were spent writing reports in my previous occupation, which perfectly translates to writing copy. Like writing reports, writing copy requires me to be concise with the information I present so that your business is able to meet or exceed its growth goals.

I am grateful for my extensive collaboration experiences as I have found that great copy is the product of effective communication with all involved parties.  

I enjoy cooking healthy food, am an avid reader, enjoy being active and getting outside for hikes, playing in the ocean, working on my house, traveling, doing Crossfit and spending time with my family.  

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